Kasen Wally

Conservation Projects Manager

Kasen grew up in North Carolina and found his passion for scientific diving shortly after graduating from Western Carolina University. As an environmental science graduate and Divemaster, he was naturally drawn to conservation. Throughout his internships in Madagascar and the Florida Keys, Kasen has worked with organizations which emphasize hands-on, adaptive approaches to marine conservation and coral restoration.


Molly Street

Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Originally from Minnesota, Molly’s love for the ocean was instilled through her family and travels at a young age. While attending college, she took advantage of every opportunity to study abroad and be near the coast. Graduating with a BA in Communication and Journalism and a minor in Environmental Science, she worked up to her Divemaster in Hawai’i before relocating to Haiti to take over marketing for Haiti Ocean Conservancy.



Coral Reef Restoration Biologist

Inspired by the ocean’s biodiversity from an early age, Sean developed a strong passion for marine conservation. This led Sean to achieve a first class BSc and MSc in Marine Biology and Conservation Biology in the U.K. for award-winning research in coral reef biology. Sean joined Haiti Ocean Conservancy in 2016 to assist in the expansion of coral restoration practices, and develop community engagement with locals.



Coral Restoration Project Coordinator

A Boston native, Jeremy moved to Florida to study marine biology and fell in love with SCUBA diving, using it as a tool for conservation. After specifying his studies in coral restoration, he came to Haiti in 2015 to help establish HOC’s budding coral restoration project

Gens bio pic.jpg

Gens Saintilaire

Local Captain

Gens has been a great aid to our work in coral reef restoration project. He originally joined HOC as a boat captain and general assistant. Since then, Gens has received his scuba certification in order to lend his valuable knowledge and work closely with HOC’s research team. As a key representative in the Labadee fishing community, Gens has become a valuable link in the development of HOC's community engagement.


Patrick Michel

Local Coral Restoration Assistant

Patrick has been fascinated by the ocean ever since he was young. Growing up in the local fishing village of Camp Louise, he learned to swim and fish from an early age. Now, as a certified scuba diver, Patrick has become a new member of HOC’s field research team as a Coral Restoration Assistant, helping to protect Haiti’s local coral reefs for the future.