Ensuring the genetic diversity of Acropora corals is essential to maximizing resilience, and strengthening local biodiversity in the face of climate change.

The preservation of keystone corals which are Critically Endangered, such as Staghorn and Elkhorn coral, is vital to prevent the local extinction of historically abundant and fundamental reef-building species around Northern Haiti.

We actively restore local reefs through scientific research to increase coral abundance and rebuild reef habitat for thousands of marine organisms through ‘Coral Gardening’.

Educating local fishers on sustainable fishing practices, and the importance of coral reef habitat is essential to ensuring the legacy of our work, to safeguard these valuable ecosystems for future generations.

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Marine Conservation

  • Promoting sustainable use of environmental resources helps to make sure the local ecosystems and their services are here for generations to come.

  • Cleaning up both underwater and on land, helps to remove trash from local ecosystems, and study waste trends. 

  • Advocating for marine protected areas along our local coasts, we endeavour to create a lasting conservation legacy for local communities, to protect livelihoods and promote sustainable prosperity.

Ecosystem restoration

  • Our long-term coral restoration project includes actively increasing ‘Critically Endangered’ coral species abundance through the scientifically based process of ‘Coral Gardening’ within our in-situ coral nursery at Amiga Island in Northern Haiti.

  • Long-term photo monitoring helps us to keep track of specific corals and vulnerable local reefs. This allows us to regularly assess restoration goals and keep an eye on location-based changes.

  • Sexually productive populations are the ultimate goal for coral reef restoration. We actively take steps towards the establishment of sexually reproductive coral clusters so that nature can better help restore itself and can rebound naturally.

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Community engagement

  • Developing community relationships and trust with local villages, fishers, and small businesses, we help to organize local action for sustainable solutions to over-exploitation.

  • Community clean-ups allow us to bring people together, get pollution off of our beaches and out of the local communities, and to inspire environmental stewardship.

  • Free educational events teaching about the long-term importance of reef systems, habitats and resource maintenance help to ensure an informed mind-set and the preservation of resources for future generations.