Artificial reefs create habitats for a variety of marine species.

Amiga snorkel tour pyramid freedive.jpg

Artificial reefs are man-made structures that are placed underwater to serve a variety of purposes. They can be placed to promote growth in places there wouldn’t be otherwise, used to combat beach erosion, enhance hydrodynamics for recreational surf lines, create tourist attractions, and aid in decreasing fishing pressures on local reefs.

amiga canon.JPG

The first artificial reefs in Northern Haiti were place at Amiga Island over 25 years ago! The pyramid-style structures (pictured above) were designed by our co-founder’s grandfather, Jean Claude, and still stand today. I addition to the 3 original pyramid structures, 8 canons from 16th century shipwrecks and a 10 foot anchor all serve as artificial habitat for a variety of species.

Our most recent addition to Amiga’s artificial reefs is a 45 foot tugboat. Sunk in October of 2018, this tug boat has already become home to a wide range of creatures such as juvenile angelfish, lobster, anemones, smooth trunkfish, and a variety of soft corals.